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December 12, 2005 We got to go to Disneyworld while I was in Orlando for business. Pictures are located at

October 15, 2004 We recently returned from a weeklong trip up to Virginia and back down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Pictures of family and scenery are located at

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[hi] [low] July 18, 2006

[hi] [low] February 11, 2011 Joshua got to dress up as an old man for school. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 27, 2011 Joshua with his tooth box for his first missing tooth. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 30, 2010 Six-year old Joshua. (16 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 15, 2010 Joshua with stitches. He tipped his chair and hit his head on the table. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 29, 2010 Buzz Lightyear Joshua at his school Halloween parade. (22 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 27, 2010 Joshua's first day on the bus. (15 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 26, 2010 Joshua on his first day of school. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 23, 2008 Joshua having fun tearing up Daddy's new drum set. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 31, 2008 Joshua with his Thomas cake at his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 30, 2007 Joshua on his third birthday with his cupcakes, and lying down in his new Cars sleeping bag. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 09, 2007 Joshua showing off his new Thomas big boy underwear. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 03, 2007 Joshua was excited that he got to wear a barrette. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 18, 2007 Joshua in a new sweater. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 20, 2007 Joshua enjoying a book on his big boy potty. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 17, 2007 Joshua's first night in his new toddler bed. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 16, 2007 Joshua attempting to use a can opener. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 30, 2006 Joshua enjoying his new sandbox, bubbles, and birthday cake. (24 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 24, 2006 Joshua on his fire truck. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 23, 2006 Joshua showing off the leaf wreath he made in Gymboree. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 13, 2006 Joshua managed to get an arm out of his sleeve while he was sleeping, but didn't notice or at least didn't mind when he woke up. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 11, 2006 Joshua helping Daddy put together some shelves for Charlotte's room. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 25, 2006 Joshua playing golf in the backyard. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 22, 2006 Joshua enjoying the TV from his new turtle beanbag chair. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 05, 2006 Joshua on the slide in his Gymboree class. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 18, 2006 Joshua enjoying a corn dog. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 16, 2006 Joshua sleeping under his new blanket. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 21, 2006 Joshua intently watching TV. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 20, 2006 Joshua's first foray into apple eating. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 18, 2006 Joshua in his new hat with a popsicle. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 28, 2006 Joshua after enjoying some chocolate. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 24, 2006 Joshua dressed up for a wedding. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 07, 2006 Joshua sporting a new big-boy haircut. (19 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 19, 2006 A tired Joshua sleeping on the couch. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 09, 2006 Joshua in his new yellow sweater. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 02, 2006 Joshua wearing Charlotte's old pajamas and sitting in the glider. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 10, 2006 Joshua using Mommy's yarn basket as a stepstool to get an empty coke can. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 21, 2006 Joshua playing with his feet. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 20, 2006 Joshua modeling a new sweater. (16 pictures)

January 20, 2006 We took Joshua to Sears to get some pictures today. Click here to see what they look like. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 13, 2006 Joshua wearing his new vest. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 30, 2005 Happy first birthday, Joshua! He enjoyed his cake quite a bit (as did Charlotte the duck). (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 25, 2005 Joshua opening Christmas presents and eating his breakfast donuts and bananas. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 17, 2005 Joshua opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa Grenier's house. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 16, 2005 Joshua enjoying Stone Mountain's Christmas shows. (5 pictures)

October 31, 2005 Halloween pictures are on the kids' page.

[hi] [low] October 30, 2005 Joshua swinging at the playground. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2005 Joshua enjoying Charlotte's birthday cake. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 29, 2005 Joshua getting into the picture. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] August 23, 2005 Joshua hanging out in the laundry basket with his toys. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] August 16, 2005 Joshua in another new sweater. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 13, 2005 Joshua showing off his first haircut. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 11, 2005 Joshua in his new vest, then trying to figure out how to crawl. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 09, 2005 Joshua after eating some food, smiling and eating his high chair. You can see his two bottom teeth in some of the pictures. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 01, 2005 Joshua on the bed with a closeup. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 29, 2005 Joshua has his first tooth, though you can't really see it in these pictures. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 27, 2005 Joshua enjoying reading his current favorite book. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 25, 2005 Joshua sitting up on his own, then standing up with some help. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 17, 2005 Joshua hanging out in Mommy's chair. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 06, 2005 Joshua sleeping face-up for once. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 04, 2005 Joshua in his cool sunglasses. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] May 30, 2005 Joshua playing in his swing, then having a bath. (10 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 29, 2005 Joshua got to go to a petting zoo today. It was raining for the first few minutes so he was covered with a blanket. After that he got to ride around with Mommy. We're not sure if he saw many of the animals, but he still had a good time. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 10, 2005 Joshua in his seat ready to eat. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 02, 2005 A sad and tired Joshua. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 30, 2005 Joshua propping himself up on his hands. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 29, 2005 Here's 4-month old Joshua hanging out on the couch. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 01, 2005 Joshua is 2 months old today! He weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces and is 23 inches long. Here he is wearing the sweater Mommy made for him. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 15, 2005 A smiling Joshua, then yawning at the end of the photo shoot. (19 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 01, 2005 Joshua on Mommy and Daddy's bed, taken with the new camera. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 30, 2005 Joshua is one month old today! (9 pictures)

January 13, 2005 We took Joshua to Sears to get some pictures today. Click here to see what they look like. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 10, 2005 Flowers we got for the birth. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 09, 2005 Joshua sleeping in his cradle. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 07, 2005 The sign at our church announcing Joshua's birth. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 06, 2005 Joshua sleeping with his blanket, and a picture with his eyes open. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 03, 2005 Joshua lying on Mommy and Daddy's bed. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 01, 2005 Joshua dressed to come home from the hospital. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 31, 2004 Mommy holding a sleeping Joshua. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 30, 2004 Joshua Brandon Tiffany was born today at 1:56 pm. He was 7 pounds 8.8 ounces and 20 inches long with lots of dark hair. Here are some pictures of Joshua after his birth. There is also a video clip at
UPDATE: Now with new pictures of Charlotte holding Joshua so you can see his fingers and toes.
2ND UPDATE: Now with pictures of Mommy before she went to the hospital. (17 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 30, 2004 The first ultrasounds of baby #2, a boy. The head is to the right in all these pictures. (4 pictures)