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[hi] [low] February 12, 2011

[hi] [low] April 26, 2011 Nathaniel got into the chocolate powder. (22 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 23, 2011 Nathaniel is very excited about his new fish sweater. (23 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 12, 2011 Nathaniel after playing in the snow. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 25, 2010 Helping Daddywith Thanksgiving dinner. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 11, 2010 Three-year old Nathaniel. (30 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 15, 2010 Sometimes Nathaniel sleeps under his pillow instead of on top of it. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 28, 2010 Nathaniel fell asleep in Daddy's bed with his truck book. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 17, 2008 Nathaniel in his bouncy chair making some faces. (26 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 14, 2008 Nathaniel at just over two months old. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 03, 2008 A smily little man. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 29, 2007 Nathaniel wearing his Christmas outfit. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 11, 2007 Nathaniel on Mommy and Daddy's bed, first a bit fussy, than a bit sleepy. (13 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 05, 2007 A sleeping Nathaniel. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 03, 2007 Some closeups of Nathaniel's face. (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 21, 2007 Nathaniel after his first bath, hanging out on his blanket, and getting some sleep. (24 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 18, 2007 Nathaniel sleeping in his car seat, his bed of choice these days. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 17, 2007 Nathaniel sleeping in Mommy's lap and making some faces. (22 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 14, 2007 Nathaniel's Godfather pose. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] November 13, 2007 Nathaniel dressed to leave the hospital, sleeping in his cradle, and listening to Charlotte read him a story. (19 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 12, 2007 Nathaniel with Charlotte, Joshua, and Grandma. (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 11, 2007 Nathaniel Ryan Tiffany was born today at 7:55 am. He was 8 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long with plenty of dark hair. Here are some pictures of Nathaniel after his birth. This has been updated with pictures of Charlotte and Joshua with Nathaniel. (25 pictures)